Arch Trim FAQ'S

Why aren't my curved vinyl windows true half rounds?
Vinyl window manufacturers have dufficulty in providing precise curved shapes. We have found many that are not made with a true radius. A field template will ensure that the curved trim properly fit your window.

What is the tolerance of curved trim boards fitting to the window?
We manufacture to a one-eighth inch gap between the window and the curved trim. If additional spacing is required, please make a note of this on the order form.

Why aren’t curved trim boards trimmed to the base of the window?
OMC Archtrim purposely leaves the trim extended to facilitate field trimming, allowing the trim to be mitred or butt jointed to straight trim boards. Legs are left 6-8 inches longer than the base of the window.

Why is the curved trim shipped in pieces?
Our product is shipped by UPS ground and is shipped in pieces to provide competitive shipping costs. Our custom joint is inconspicuous at a very short distance.

Do the trim pieces need to be glued?
It is recommended that the joint be glued and the provided screws be used to join the curved trim

How is the curved trim fastened?
Trim should be fastened the same as the running trim used. Please see the installation guide.

Does the OMC Archtrim curved trim need to be painted?
OMC Archtrim curved trim does not require painting but OMC Archtrim recommends that they be painted with high quality 100% Acrylic Latex paint.

Can the OMC Archtrim curved trim edge be routed?
OMC Archtrim curved trim can be routed and machined with standard carbide tipped woodworking tools.

How long will my order take?
OMC Archtrim curved trim should arrive at your store in 10 days or less.

Do I need a template to order OMC Archtrim curved trim boards?
Templates are frequently required for ellipses, ovals, restoration projects & some vinyl windows.

How do I make a template?
Templates can be easily made by placing house wrap over the window and rubbing the edge of the window with a pencil. This method will leave a template line and the house wrap can easily be mailed.

Does the OMC Archtrim curved trim have a warranty?
Yes, OMC Archtrim provides a limited 20 year warranty.

How do I measure my OMC Archtrim curved trim needs?
Our order/entry sheet will show several ways to place your order.

Can I order custom trim profiles?
We are able to produce OMC Archtrim profiled to most any shape. Call for a special quote.

Can I order other widths?
We will rip to a narrower width at no charge and can fabricate wider widths. Call for a special quote.

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