Assembly and Installation Guide

OMC Archtrim is boxed and wrapped in a poly-bag to protect it from damage. Larger arches may ship in more than one piece for shipping purposes. These arches are pre-assembled at the factory, so re-assembly in the field is easy. Pocket screw holes are pre-drilled and screws are supplied.
Installation Tools Required:
#2 Phillips Head screwdriver
PVC glue/Bond & Fill/Caulk
Damp rag
1. The ends to be re-assembled will be capped with a protective block. Remove these blocks. Blocks may be discarded or used as a transition to join straight lengths to your heat formed trim. Keep the screws for joining the trim parts.
2. Place the trim ring face down on a clean, flat surface and align the ends. Joints may be filled with PVC Glue, Bond & Fill or caulk.
3. Bring the two parts together and screw in both screws by hand until almost tight. Using your fingers, apply pressure on both sides of the ring to guide the two ends into perfect alignment and finish tightening the screws.
4. Quickly wipe any excess squeeze out from the joint to prevent the glue from etching the material. A properly joined trim ring seam will appear inconspicuous at a short distance.
All OMC Archtrim Products are fabricated with ends extended to allow for field trimming. Center Lines and Spring Lines are clearly marked for easier trimming an installation.

Trim the ends as needed and install the trim ring around the window following the board manufacturer's recommended fasteners and methods. When nailing over resilient sheathing (Foam) or when the temperature is less than 50 degrees, the product must be pre-drilled to prevent splitting or cracking.
For additional assistance please call OMC Archtrim Customer Service
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