What we do:

OMC Archtrim has refined the process of using heat to form cellular PVC. Our state of the art process, equipment, quality control standards, and experience makes us the leader in heat bending cellular PVC. Unlike time consuming field bending of cellular PVC with heating blankets, OMC Archtrim precisely controls the environment to insure the highest quality of our products.

OMC Archtrim starts with cellular PVC boards and mouldings. We create a variety of custom shapes and match any window manufacturer’s standard shapes and sizes. OMC Archtrim also offers a variety of rabbeting options for shapes and standard boards to accommodate different siding profiles.


Center lines and spring lines are clearly marked on the material for easy installation per manufacturer’s instructions.


OMC Archtrim ships in one piece when size permits. Larger sizes are pre-assembled in our shop and pocket screwed for easy re-assembly at the jobsite. All orders are poly bagged and packaged in corrugated boxes to minimize damage during shipping and handling. OMC Archtrim ships by UPS direct to our dealers or to the product consumer on request.
Contact us at: sales@omcarchtrim.com